A Journey Began

Six years ago, today, started like any other Saturday. Little did we know that by the end of the day we would be starting, a long heartbreaking journey.

Do you have dates that won’t leave you? Maybe birthdays, wedding dates, possibly a first date or a special occasion?! Others of us have dates that a loved one died. Ask any parent whose child has been diagnosed with Cancer and we will all tell you that the day our child was diagnosed is forever etched in our mind.

August 20, 2016, My sweet Dezirae was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma!

August 20, 2017 Isaac and Dezirae professed their faith publicly through baptism. That afternoon we were surrounded by family and friends in Thanksgiving for everyone who walked alongside us building our home and Dezirae going through chemo!

It was a delightful day! We had watermelon and root beer floats, tie dyed clothes and had a balloon release.

August 20, 2019 Dezi was recovering from her rotationplasty and we were blessed with a new juicer!!

August 20, 2020 We invited the family over, tie dyed lots of things(including the dog), did frisbee art and hung out together.

August 20, 2021 5 years from diagnoses and exactly 3 months from Dezirae’s Heaven Day. I know we did a creative project…..the thing is I stopped taking pictures after Dezi died. It was just a reminder that she isn’t here. It took me months to even realize I wasn’t taking pictures! While I can’t remember what we did or go back and look at pictures I know what we had planned(that didn’t work out) and that we were purposeful to do a fun thing on a not so fun day.

Dezi’s Margot came to us in August 2021

Today is still unfolding……we will paint rocks that we can then take and hide around our community and will hopefully brighten someone’s day just like Dezi’s faith in God brought JOY and light into others lives!

3 responses to “A Journey Began

  1. You have recounted Dezi’s journey, and your, in the tender way that only you can do. Her legacy of faith and joy is eternal . . .🧡 🙌

  2. We still remember her and your times of caring for her. We lost our Dean Dec. 30 2021. We can feel blessed that they are in heaven with Jesus, whom they loved and He loves them!! Thinking of you,

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