Dezirae’s Blessing Stocking

We are getting back to having our traditional SIMPLE Christmas. None of us are quite sure how to do anything these days. How can one person leave such a gaping hole?

Will our Chinese take out taste good, will we be able to make our brains function to play games? Honestly I’m not sure, I’m not even sure if I will make it through most days, hours, moments……I’m not alone in that either.

Dezi had a way of making you feel important and special. She was crazy purposeful. She loved to give and serve others. One thing that brings us comfort is giving back in memory of Dezi. I hung her stocking this year. I couldn’t bring myself not to and yet I wasn’t sure what we would do with it but I knew it needed to be there with the rest of ours.

Within minutes of hanging Dezirae’s stocking I knew that we would accept donations in her memory to help a local family(families).

If you feel to donate you can mail directly to us or PayPal @

Acts 20:35

3 responses to “SIMPLE

  1. Makes my heart ache. Celebration (like normal) is so hard when you miss someone so much. What a sweet gift in Dez’ memory 💜

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