9 Months in Pictures 11/21-9/22

Your donations to Dezi’s Blessing Stocking blessed 4+ families in practical and fun ways!
We finished Dezirae’s room.
She had it planned out for us!
Dezi’s puppy, Margot(and our newest teenager!)
Swimming, food from The Lovin’ Hut and a hotel with a swimming pool & Jungle Jim’s
for Dezi’s Heaven Day!
A little friend at Dezi’s grave
1st sunflower of the year volunteer from Dezirae’s sunflower patch…thanks to the idea of friends to plant a sunflower patch for Dezi to enjoy outside the bedroom window 🧡
Max had a growth removed from his eye in July. Isaac had his last cleft surgery in June!!
The kids have returned to playing in the woods this summer….the treehouse has not began yet.
God IS Good
Our first trip since 2020
“Mommy, take my picture with Dezi”
Moving Sarena back into college! We have a senior & freshman in college, 9th, 7th & 6th graders and a preschooler!!

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