Best News

Dezirae’s Oncologist, whom we love, called today! When a doctor calls you personally, it’s either pretty bad or really good!

Today it was GOOD!! Like Better than we ever imagined possible! We have been told from the very beginning that treatment would be 1 1/2 to 2 years.

Since Dezirae responded so well to the chemo…..we only have 17 weeks left!! Yes, just 17 weeks!!! 12 of those weeks will be inpatient for chemo. This is all dependent on how healthy Dezirae stays. She will be the most immunocomprised at the very worst time of the year so you will not see us out and about much! Also the more rounds of chemo she gets the harder it will be to keep her counts up.

At any rate she should be completely done and growing her hair back by her birthday!! She is also excited about the prospect of a normal school year next fall!

While this is super exciting for us, there are many, walking this road or who have walked this road who aren’t getting good news and have a harder road than us…..Please remember those families! Also those who are celebrating the holidays without a loved one!

One response to “Best News

  1. AWESOME!!! That is such great news! Praise God for his healing powers!

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