1 Week Post-Op

We had our one week follow up with the surgeon yesterday. Dezirae is able to completely straighten her knee and bend it to 90 degrees. The surgeon hopes for this good of movement by 6 weeks!!!!


He warned us before surgery that its extremely difficult to get kids to move after surgery especially when they can’t put weight in that leg. Dezirae is determined to get full range of motion back in that knee!


This accomplishment is nothing short of a miracle!! Especially since she had her knee immobilized for 5 days following the first surgery! Then a second surgery and recovery!! WOW…..GOD is AWSOME!!!

Dezirae gets chemo Dec 5 – 7…..the yucky kind that has made her so sick. She is super sad. So we are trying to focus on the fact that she has 2 1/2 weeks off after that!

The other kids are all struggling in their own individual ways. We all are! Parenting trauma kids is extremely challenging under normal circumstances. Cancer, chemo, constantly being gone has added many layers of complicated!

Our most responsible independent child, the glue, Dezirae, now needs all of us to help her. While we are all happy to give back to her. We are sad and scared! And yet we mustn’t show it.

Because of each of you who have whispered a prayer or hundreds of prayers…..Dezirae hasn’t seen me cry. She doesn’t know that I feel despair at times and that my heart is absolutely crushed for everything that she is going through. From the bottom of my mama heart…..THANK YOU!!


Because of your financial support, food, visits, help at home I have been able to focus my energy on ALL of our children and things that others can’t do! The cards, gifts and all kinds of shunshine that you have sent have helped Dez on the tough days……she still hasn’t opened everything!! Blessings to each of you!

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