Why More Chemo?

We know that the chemo and thousands of prayers killed 95% of the osteosarcoma growing in Dezirae’s bone and muscle. We also know that one of the top surgeons, in our country, took all of that tissue out…..

So why does Dezirae need more chemo. With Osteosarcoma there is always microscopic metastasis(cancer in the blood or elsewhere in the body that we can’t see). Without continued chemo this microscopic mets will grow into full blown cancer! 
Her chemo schedule changed again. Dez will get chemo Wednesday through Friday this week! It’s the nasty stuff that makes her so sick.

Every round of chemo will cause Dezirae to be weaker and less able to fight off infection. The next months will be harder than the previous. Dez has continued to grow and is physically strong! She is taller, but has lost weight. She sleeps more and lacks the patience she once possessed beyond her years. 

All of this is quite frustrating to her and yet she is kind! She wakes with a smile, apologizes for things out of her control, is ever so grateful for every tiny thing that people do for her. 

She is extremely sad that she can’t walk or sit Indian style. She is grieving the loss of independence. We will be working on some things to help her with that…..

Thank you all who sent cards and contributed to the sunshine basket! She is still opening cards and even has a couple gifts left to open! They truly help lift her spirits! 

Lord thank you for all you have blessed us with! Father God you are all powerful in healing Dezirae, you are loving us through your people! Thank you for all you do. Lord despite the attacks of satan, a THOUSAND times YES to you!! We love you and beg for continued healing, strength, peace and GRACE…..AMEN!!

ps Sorry I am unable to add pictures!

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