Deja Vu?!

8/3 – Dezirae’s procedure to remove the valves was cancelled right before we left Monday morning! It’s now rescheduled for August 21.

8/4 – Isaac had his jaw surgery and all went well! He looks like he was hit by a truck! All thanks be to God that he does not have pain!! He will be in the hospital until Thursday evening or Friday.

8/5 – I came home this evening. We have been blessed with friends to love on our other kiddos, meals prepared and delivered to our house and great nurses!

8/6 – Dezirae has scans @ Dayton. Then this mama needs to make juice and return to Cincy to be with Isaac.

One response to “Deja Vu?!

  1. I am standing in agreement with you in prayer in Jesus Name for a miracle for Dezirae. For God to touch her lungs and make them new. She is on a mission to lead others to Christ. I pray that You will be glorified through all things involving this family. Give Mom and Dad peace that only You can give, knowing that You are in control and love them all, each one very much. I pray these things in Jesus ‘ Name. Amen 🙏

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