6/17 1pm

Dezi slept all night! She was up first thing this morning and sat in the chair for an hour or so. Getting rid of IV narcotics and starting oral pain medicine. She still has an air leak that will just take time to seal up. She’s hungry today and looks much better!

She is currently sitting in the chair again and waiting for her meal to be delivered. To God be all Glory!!

5 responses to “6/17 1pm

  1. Glad to see a little smile after such major surgery. Hope each day is a little improvement.

  2. O Dezi! So good to see your smiling face!! I hope your days continue to go good & healing is fast! Love & Prayers!

  3. So good to see her smile and feeling better! We continue to pray for all your strength and her healing! God bless you all and consider yourself hugged🥰

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