6/16 11am

Dezirae had a peaceful night! When we started this journey we chose to share it in order to bring Glory to God. Somewhere, along this much longer than expected road, we have allowed that to slip away.

Don’t get me wrong, GLORY to GOD has never left our minds. We have just became weary and worn. Even when we see the blessings, we can’t feel them. Even when we witness Gods goodness we can only see the reality of statistics.

We feel unimaginable pressure by the constant perception of others, calling us amazing, inspirational etc.(I have a whiled post in this topic rolling around in my head).That is a pedestal I do not wish on anyone! We are just broken humans trying….. We are fragile.

She has been able to rest comfortably!
The cannula in her nose is just
monitoring her breathing

Please hear me when I say God IS Good! Yesterday Dezirae lost 70% of her left lung. Are we heartbroken? Yes. Are we scared? Yes. Do prayers work? YES!!!! Is God working? YES!!! Dezirae has maintained excellent oxygen saturation levels without the assistance of oxygen!! Her pain is controlled! The staff have heard me and that my friends is because God IS WORKING through your prayers!!

Please continue to pray for strength in the days to come. Today will push Dezirae’s limits again. Pippy is playing the role of Max’s surrogate mama while I’m at the hospital. Travis is juggling work, Truman and the evening/bedtime routine with a baby that doesn’t sleep all night! My sister has the twins and Niesy(my mom) is filling in wherever needed(with kids and the garden). Sarena is working on getting her license and Isaac is working while being concerned for their little sister.

The LORD is GOOD, a REFUGE in times of trouble. He CARES for those who TRUST in Him. Nahum 1:7

4 responses to “6/16 11am

  1. Praying praying praying. I get so overwhelmed when I feel what you’re feeling with a precious child going through so much and all the other life pressures that are happening. Please give this dear mama and her family strength, Lord. You are Good and Faithful and we Praise You for answering.

  2. Thank you for being transparent, and for even knowing you would be excepted in that. Having to go through what you’re going through would not be easy for any body at all. I personally can’t even imagine it. Remember that even in your weak times when you don’t feel strong and you don’t feel like you are being A soldier, when the days are longer than you thought, and the pain is heavier than what you think you can carry….God is using you to speak truth into the lives of others who are carrying similar crosses, that are way too heavy for their human strength too, and they need the true transparent words from a hurting mommas heart ❤️ to know that they too can take one more step, one more breath, and fight with determination for one more day!!!! Not one of us who have never even tried on your shoes, would walk, better, or even differently!!!
    Please know that I have prayed for you and your entire family, because you are all being stretched in ways that very few of us have! Yes, we all have our crosses to bear… But there have been times as heavy as my cross is, that I have wished I could trade you crosses for just a day to ease your load for you. Yet I am fully aware that I am too weak of a person to do that for you, but I do know the one who not only can but has helped you and will continue to help you carry the cross he’s asked you to bare! Soon, and I believe very soon, we will all get to see Him face to face and we will know……..it was worth it all❣️ I will continue to hold you up until that day ❤️

  3. She’s in my prayers every night and will continue to be.

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