Tuesday, 3-31-2020

One week ago Dezirae had scans. We knew right away that the right side was stable and the left had some areas of concern. We waited an entire week for 2 hospitals, multiple radiologists, Dezirae’s thoracic surgeon and oncologist to give us the verdict!

To say that the week was anxiety ridden would be an under statement! We prayed, cried, praised God, spoke against satan and his lies, made our best effort to enjoy the little things and cried & prayed some more.

All that to say, the doctors feel like this is just permanent lung damage, as a result of her surgery in January, NOT cancer!! Lord we praise you for this miracle, healing and the chance to reevaluate what is important to us!

T-shirts are being made! Thank you all for the orders…..this is such a blessing to Dezirae’s health journey and allows us to continue working toward Dezirae’s healing as a family! Can’t wait to be able to deliver these and see everyone wearing them!

We had another great fundraiser by way of a Norwex party that ends today! It was a smashing success despite everyone’s world being turned upside down!! We are humbled and so thankful for safe cleaning supplies for our home. Many Hugs and Thanks to our Father in Heaven for each of you!

Today is a Good Day! We wrapped up 2 successful fundraisers, Dezirae’s scans are stable and we are enjoying being able to stay home! Enjoy your slower pace living and family time. We love you all!

4 responses to “Tuesday, 3-31-2020

  1. Praise the Lord for a good report on the scans!! Believing in miracles today ❤ Much love to you all!

  2. Praise!!Jesus!! for the good!! news!! for no cancer🙏✝️👑for continual healing

  3. Thank you for the INCREDIBLY UPLIFTING update! Love Dezi’s T-shirt, too! Sending you love and hugs!!!

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