Cleaning House

Hoping that you all are well and enjoying together time. We are thankful for the excuse to stay home! During this time of laying low we are CLEANING HOUSE, literally and figuratively.

Today updating the blog is on the cleaning list! We have a praise! Dezirae had nasal congestion during and following chemo. We couldn’t go anywhere without puffs and she was constantly blowing her nose.

We chalked it up to chemo and went on with life. As many of you know we made the difficult decision to retire her service dog in September 😦 It appears that the congestion was in fact a dog allergy! As slowly removed all the hair that sweet little guy left behind, Dezirae’s congestion resolved!

Dezirae has scans next week and is scheduled for surgery mid April. Please join us in praying for stable scans so she does not need this surgery. If we need to proceed with it this mama will be scrambling to get everything in order!

We are closing our shirt order Saturday, March 21. We have adult($20) and youth sizes($15) + $5 if you need it shipped. The Colors are Gold and Grey

TO ORDER call or text 937-572-8449 OR email

I will leave you with the link to order non toxic cleaning supplies to support Dezirae if you are interested 🧡

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