9 January 2018


We had a long night with little sleep. We are thankful that Dezirae’s pain is well controlled. Dezirae continues to have an air leak in her right lung so it isn’t safe to remove the chest tube. The surgeon increased the pressure setting on her suction this morning and is predicting a couple more days before they try to take her off of suction. We are all ready to be home together!

The short version of the original pathology report is this: One nodule was benign, 2 were metastatic Osteosarcoma(new and alive) and 3 were necrotic osteosarcoma(meaning they have been there a long time and were killed by chemo).

The good news is that all of the cancer is gone! What was originally there was killed by chemo and the new nodules were removed with negative margins! It does however change her original diagnoses to stage 4 Osteosarcoma with metastasis(not good).

The treatment doesn’t change but her overall prognosis is worse. We continue to trust God and cry out to Him for strength! The devil will NOT win!!!

2 responses to “9 January 2018

  1. We continue to pray for Dezirae and know the Lord is watching over her, Of immediate concern is her lung sealing and her health recovery so she may go home. Encircled by her loving family and rest at home -we pray this next phase will bring complete and lasting physical healing.

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