Methotrexate is the chemo that Dezirae received yesterday and will get again next Monday. It is bright yellow and causes sores in the mucous membranes. It also makes her sick. We did several things differently this time to help with the nausea and vomiting. It held it off but did not stop the vomiting all together.


Dezirae has had more anxiety this admission. She is a hard stick, she doesn’t bleed easily, she has never not thrown up when she gets chemo and she’s tired(We are ALL tired)!

4 responses to “Methotrexate

  1. Sorry she is having more anxiety..we know about that..the more they understand sometimes the harder it is..So sorry. Methotrexate is a very familiar word at our house..sorry she is having negative side affects from it! Hopefully the good ones will outweigh the bad ones?

  2. May you feel the arms of our Heavenly Father embracing you during these hard times. Praying you all may find peace and rest that only He can provide.

  3. 20+ years ago my husband received methotrexate for eight months. Back then, they had an anti-nausea pill that worked great for him — I believe it was called Zofran. Is there any possibility that this might still be available? Praying for your sweet daughter to be covered with the Lord’s love and peace.

  4. Ugh. 😢 So many reminders of our time with Lily in Seattle. All of it. Methotrexate, sores, vomiting, siblings at home… So many tears were shed and prayers prayed. It’s hard for me to read your blog because it brings back so many memories. And mainly because I know—so my heart breaks for you and your family.
    But the butterfly wings—AWESOMENESS!! And even on the dog–lol!!

    Praying for strength for today, for rest for tomorrow, for joy to come “in the morning”.

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