7 Siblings

Dezirae is asked all the time “How many siblings do you have?”. When she replies “seven” the responses are always surprised, some positive, some negative and some are left speechless!


Since Dezirae has been diagnosed they have all struggled with the Cancer diagnoses in their own way and yet life must go on.

I know it seems that they must go on with everyday life, while Dezirae naps, spends hours of one on one time with mommy and is showered with endless gifts!

Since Dezirae has been diagnosed her siblings have obtained a driving permit, turned 16, turned 6, been adopted, celebrated Gotcha Days, started school, lost teeth, beat their personal best time in running, gotten a new brace, turned 9 etc.

Tonight was a special night for all of the kids! Dezirae and ALL of her siblings were given the opportunity to choose a Kohls cares for Kids item, a balloon and a Build a Bear stuffed animal, put a heart in it and dress it! They had a blast and this mama thoroughly enjoyed watching them participate!

We ended up with a farm girl rabbit, a farmer bear, a reindeer dressed as WonderWoman(named Jackie), the pinkest girliest bear you can imagine(Charli), a yellow sunshine bear in a sundress, a police officer Dragon, a Dragon in karate garb(to fight off Cancer) and the birthday girl chose white tiger in a skirt, shirt & Jean jacket.


This was followed by delicious snacks! Thank you Centerville Noon Optimist Club!! What a blessing to gift the siblings too!

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