3 more hours

3 hours until Dezirae’s first round of chemo is completed. She flew through the the first 16 hours like nothing, threw ip the next 28 and is resting now, as it finishes up.

The last medication we tried is the only one that touched her nausea ;( This about tears my heart out. Dezirae amazes me! She has not complained once, she has walked herself to the bathroom every time and is kind to everyone.

Travis and the other children stayed at our home the last two nights. Our moms are helping the kiddos settle in and caring for them. So thankful for them!

We hope to have our “home schoolers” enrolled at Eaton by the end of next week.  After praying and discussing this seemed like the right choice for this year. Pippi feels it’s where she “needs to be” so she can “share the gospel”……her words!

We are working on getting the twins placed with the same teacher, to reduce stress and simplify things for those at home. It will also help to have all the children on the same schedule.

Thank you for all the prayers and everything!


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