Is this for Real?

A couple days after Dezirae was diagnosed we were informed that someone wanted to donate a service dog to Dezirae!

The next day I text and asked if the dog thing was for real!

Today 4 Paws for Ability brought “Damon” to meet Dezirae and we told her that in just a few weeks he would be her very own dog. He can stay at the hospital with her and come home with us!

The sad thing was, that Dezirae has been so sick today that she can barely open her eyes and has not been able to eat anything…..

Dezirae has not complained one time! She throws up and then smiles and says she’s done, tells us thank you when we help, asks please when she needs help….love her!


So even though we ask “is this for real?”

IT is……The cancer IS Real, the dog IS Real, and we serve a God who REALLY cares about every detail!

ps A group of people came together and bought us a new refrigerator!!


One response to “Is this for Real?

  1. Awww. God is so good!!! Those pictures of her not feeling good just makes me so teary, yet i know that God is so big and He alone can get her and all of you thru it all!!! Give her hugs from us!! Love you all. Praying that HE can get you all thru it at a moment at a time!!šŸ’–

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