Another special Day and Preparing for Brothers

I took D to Yellow Springs for her special mommy day!! She is extremely artsy and absolutely loved it. We spent 3 hours walking around looking in shops and at cool art. This wall of art was placed around a construction site.032 033 034 035 038 039 This is called “Mother and Child” 042 Tree Huggers don’t like their trees to be cold 🙂043 044 045 046 047 049 050 051 052 057Mr Fudd’s Toy Shop   I think we could have spent the entire day in this store!! We did a little shopping for our new brothers.  058 061First visit to the dentist! E in pink and F in blue.  062 065 067 Baby sister patiently waiting for her brothers…”mommy is Bwow Bwow and Isaac coming swimming with us today?” No honey they are in Chin@ waiting. “Can we’s go to Ch*n@ with you?” No sweetness, mommy will go, get them and bring them home! “Today?”……070 Theo’s bed…Isaac still needs a stuffy or two for his bed!071 072 073 074 075This chair is full of gifts from their sisters!!

076 077

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