DTC (or Dossier to Ch*n@)……6/17/2014. This is really the biggest step in the international adoption process. Thank you God for helping us make it this far. Now we wait for it to be officially received (LID) then to be translated, then out of Translation(OOT). The next thing is what used to be LOA(now called LSC, I believe). All of this is of course followed by some more paperwork and a couple more steps.

We expect to travel sometime in September! Prayers please, as I have never experienced this amount of fear ever in my life!

I need to share what God is doing for us. There is a church in Washington state who has sponsored our little Theo over the past year or so. Our family adoption is the “charity” that they are donating all of the money raised from VBS. We are so humbled to have complete strangers, do this for our family!! THANK YOU!

We are in the stage of our adoption that we are able to put numbers together in order to figure out exactly what is still needed financially…….$27,088. I definitely underestimated the expenses 😦  We do not have anymore fundraisers planned and thus far all of our grant applications have been turned down. I will be picking up extra shifts, applying for more grants and PRAYING like crazy!!


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