8/10 2pm

We have had a couple good days at home! Yesterday about this time Dezirae started to have quite a bit more drainage from her drain than she had been having. By 5:30 last night she was in excruciating pain….we were eventually able to get it under control and she fell asleep.

She woke up at 2 am with fever and moderate pain. That led us to a trip to the hospital. Dezirae is still spiking fevers through Tylenol(Motrin isn’t an option), she has barely been awake today and is very weak. She has 2 IVs, had a multitude of labs drawn, received antibiotics and had a CT. Dezirae will be admitted tonight.

This is a bit concerning since Dezirae has never had a fever in her life. At the same time it is reassuring because it shows us that her body has healed enough to have an appropriate response to to inflammation! Lord we Glorify you for healing!

Here are some rough shirt designs….we welcome your input!

5 responses to “8/10 2pm

  1. I really like the first design!! She did a great job! Can’t wait to see the finished product!😊

  2. Praying harder; sending love.
    I like the design with the flat base better, but where are the hearts??

  3. Oh, boy! That girl is amazing! Love coming at her and the whole family from Driftwood! I like the top photo with “Desirae Strong” on it!

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