We will Praise our God!!

Dezirae has 2 oncologists at 2 different hospitals. One gave his blessing to pursue alternative “treatment”…..

Today we saw her original oncologist and not only did he confirm our decision but is knowledgeable in what we have chosen and was very sincere in the fact that it is quite effective!

Bugsy Rue

Dezirae’s Supper

Tomorrow will be day 4 of her new very strict diet and she is rocking it! The first day was the hardest all the way around… I made a huge mess out of the juicing. We were a little uncertain about what we were doing and she wouldn’t eat hardly anything!

All of the kids have helped with juice prep and juicing. It is such a blessing to be at home as a family and for all of us to feel like we can help Dezirae!

God is Good! We are feeling less heartache and more PEACE and JOY!!

3 responses to “We will Praise our God!!

  1. Peace and Joy are good!!!!! So are carrots!!! 😄 oh! Speaking of carrots…Make sure you keep the front door closed!!! With that many carrots in the house you might attract some rabbits!!!! 😊 Love you all!! Steve n Lynette

  2. What a confirmation of your choice! The dedication and unity of your family is inspiring. You can do this!!

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