Long Week

Last week started out well! Sunday we ALL went to a cheap movie together. We enjoyed free refills on popcorn! Dez happily slipped popcorn under her mask!


Monday found 6 kiddos and this mama running between 2 towns for a total of 6 dentist appointments! We filled out in between time with errands. Sarena and Isaac were blessed by bowling with the youth pastor and his family for a couple hours! Dezirae stayed with friends and Truman helped Pappy!


Tuesday morning Dezirae’s had her Hem/Onc follow up from chemo. We were pleasantly surprised at how good her numbers were!

Wednesday was a PT appointment for Theo. Thursday morning, into the afternoon was spent at an appointment for  Theo(Dezirae was blessed to stay with other friends). Dezirae didn’t look great when she awoke that morning but said she felt fine……

As the day progressed Dezirae’s throat had started hurting and she was refusing to eat. Mouth sores are a nasty, yet common side affect of the chemo. By the time we pulled up to our house I had spoken to the Hem/once clinic and the doctor wanted to see Dezirae right away. We spent the rest of the day getting IV fluids and a few tests.


All her counts were good except her ANC(helps body fight infection)……the chemo makes it drop, so not overly concerning. We came home that evening!

Friday Dez continued to have severe pain from the sores. She continued to drink although eating was impossible. Travis mom and grandma came out from PA! I actually worked a full 12 hours Friday night! I think that was my first since Dez was diagnosed.

Saturday brought the beginning of Chinese New Year! Dezirae continued to drink but not able to eat. She threw up all of her evening meds. She looks so frail and puny.


She has slept all day today! Will try to update after her appointment tomorrow.


Thank you all for continuing to bless us! We love you all and couldn’t do this without all of you and GOD!

One response to “Long Week

  1. We have been praying for Dezirae all week and waiting for an update. Our prayers will continue a little more specifically now. Thanks for the info.

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