11/21/16 & Surgery #2

Yesterday an angel, in the form of an Oncology Chaplain, came to visit! She saw that there was an oncology patient on the surgical floor, so came to check in.

She was able to get the ball rolling with all the people we needed. She brought us a computer for Dezirae to do her school work on. She was also able to offer us resources that only Oncology  families receive!

Dezirae played games with the UC Men’s Golf team! They all had a blast. It was so good to see her laugh and joke. She was rather relentless with “starting” IVs and applying bandaides on the hairiest part of their arms!

We met with a patient advocate, who was able to reach the surgeon and get our questions answered. She also arranged a meeting with the implant company! We will be meeting with them today during Dezirae’s surgery…….Prayers please!

Deziraes surgery will be around 4. We will keep you updated. She wanted to share a pic of her leg after the first surgery


One response to “11/21/16 & Surgery #2

  1. It is good to hear that some great things are falling into place for Dezirae. We pray that her surgery today is perfect.

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