Isaac and Theo Adoption Update!

We have finished all of our paperwork and are simply awaiting our Travel Approval! We haven’t heard anything from Isaac and have no way of knowing if he received our package or not. We have very low expectations for how prepared he will be for adoption. We do know that he does want  a family! Many prayers needed for his heart to be softened and open to us and JESUS!! We are thinking that we will have a September 22 gotcha day for him.


We have been told that Theo Biao Biao is ready for his family, for US!! Hoping to have his Gotcha on  Sept 15. A quote from a volunteer at his SWI “He is managing his own album of you guys, and brings it out to show us, he is really cute with it. I just saw him taking the trash out with one of his caregivers, he is so cute!!!” and another “He is so ready! “. Our hearts are overflowing with how God is working everything out with Theo Biao. It will also be good to have a week with him before I meet Isaac. My prayer is that he will be comfortable enough that I can give Isaac all of the attention and reassurance that he needs.


Once again our travel arrangements have changed…..I am so thankful to have my dad going with me and feel blessed to share this experience with him and Dezirae! Because Isaac is aging out and there are several holidays in Sept/Oct before his birthday and then a huge World Trade Fair just days after his birthday our travel won’t be typical. If we can get there by Sept 15 we will just be stuck there an extra week. If it is later than that we will be there just as long and at least two of those weeks would be $400+/night at the hotel!! If by some miracle we could make it there by Monday, Aug 25th it would only take us 18 days.


                                                                                                                                                                 This was my favorite pic of Pippy, too bad there is an elbow in it!!


She went from my most photogenic to the hardest to get a good pic of?!


Can’t wait to add some black haired, brown eyed boys to these pictures!! Dear Lord, build a wall of protection around us! Prepare all of our hearts to become a family and help us continue to TRUST you fully!!






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