I’m not sure how everyone else makes vegie soup, but at our house it has tons of stuff in it. It may be broth based or tomato based depending on what I have. It almost always has left over roast in it. Then come the vegetables! I put any kind of vegies in that I have, fresh, frozen and leftovers.


You may wonder why I am talking about vegie soup in August. This post is going to be a little like vegie soup…..full of all kinds of stuff!

023                 022

It has been three weeks since S surgery. She had a rough couple of days. In her words “I hate my casts”. While she understands that this is part of having her feet fixed(which she wants badly) it is quite frustrating at times. She will have a total of almost 5 months in casts.  Two casts means no shower or bath for at least 6 weeks…..ughhh!


She can do almost everything with her cast except for get on the floor and crawl. That is how she is used to getting around at home when she plays. The surgery on the left foot was successful. The surgery on the right ankle did not gain us any movement, the right knee was a slight improvement. She is scheduled to have the pins taken out of her left foot and surgery on her right foot on October 15.  Considering all that she has been through the last 7 months, S is doing great.


Yes! 7 MONTHS!!! S is attached to our family, me especially. Her English is improving all the time and she is already reading English between a first and second grade level. S is quite adventurous when it comes to trying new foods as long as it isn’t tomato based. She loves to go places and do new things (as long as it is with us). She will be starting school in 8 days(not that I’m counting). She is excited and scared.


We feel that it will be good for her to be with other kids her age and learn how to (and I cringe as I say this) “fit in”. I don’t mean dress like them and do all they do, but just to learn how our culture is and to hopefully learn how to pick up on social queues, realize personal space etc. It is very difficult to teach all of these things at home without feeling like I am nagging at her all the time. We visited her school today and were very encouraged by how willing everyone is to accommodate us.


We know that S has a feeling of trust with us because she opens up more and more about her past. This is sooooo hard, but very important. We feel so blessed and God just keeps affirming that it was His will for us to adopt. So many things didn’t make sense, messing up the birth order, we are too busy, her handicap etc. Just proof that when we follow God things will work out PERFECTLY!! Praise YOU GOD!!!


D and A started school at Lighthouse Christian School one week ago. Pippi surprised us and has done great. D has really struggled. This morning was much better…..hope this trend lasts. D goes to tutoring 2 days a week about an hour from her school!  She is learning and building her confidence in reading. She is a strong, determined little girl. I really miss her when she is at school. She is my number one helper with the twins. D has a heart for Christ and is fast to apologize if she is in the wrong(a skill I struggle with).  A is the girly girl princess who loves PINK, PINK, PINK!!! She is a cheerful little helper, charming and very lovey!

AND that brings us to the TWINS! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……some days they make me want to scream. They are the cutest, most hysterical, destructive tornados times two that you can ever imagine. This is an entire book in itself…..one of them is sleeping on my lap right now. I’d disclose which one, but I’m not entirely sure who I am holding!! They are almost three!



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