Honoring and Healing

24 September 2021 we honored our sweet Dezi girl’s memory and took a small step in our healing journey.

Margot, Dezi’s puppy that she never met💔🧡

Dezirae had put much thought into what type of vehicle would work for her. She was our first who was excited to drive. Our three oldest were more reluctant. I love that she was purposeful and shared things like this with us.

Just like her daddy she was a dreamer….and like her mama she was very grounded and practical. What a beautiful balance!

forever fifteen
These 2 made me a boy mama

We began the day by going to a local park, exploring and placing a lock in a swinging bridge in her memory. We then explored the park a bit and took in the history. Pizza King pick up followed.

Max was so pleased to find acorns for Dezi

After lunch we visited Dezi’s special place in the woods. Niesy had been there before us and I know others visited that day as well.

Dezi loved the beauty of mushrooms. She also enjoyed eating them raw! 🍄
Since May 20th we have all found hundreds, maybe thousands of mushrooms! Auntie Chels decorated this amazing mushroom cake!

The grand finale was a bonfire, fellowship and Dezi inspired snacks in our backyard. We were blessed to have family and friends with us the entire day!

Kettle Corn

We felt blessed with many calls, texts etc. Thank you and Bless each of you for sticking with us as we walk this difficult healing journey.

2 responses to “Honoring and Healing

  1. So happy you had a memorial day of Dezie…send memories flying thru mind mind of Sherden…You are loved and thought of often. Kathy Brunk

  2. We still think of you guys often & whisper prayers for peace 😍 Thanks for sharing these..what a special day!

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