Heavenly 16th

September 24th, 2005, I became a mama. 20 some hours of labor and then suddenly Dezirae Christine was here! All 8lbs 13oz of her. She made my parents, grandparents and both sets of my grandparents, great grandparents. My siblings became uncles and auntie.

My Grandmother was delighted to be a great-great grandmother. Over the years Dezirae grew to be more like my grandmother than any other human I’ve met. She had her fingers, her wisdom and grace. I am truly humbled and blessed to be the mama of such a beautiful young woman.

Just as the joy of becoming a mother is indescribable, so is the pain of facing a child’s birthday without them here. I asked the kiddos, still at home, what they wanted to do for Dezi’s birthday. I had tried to prepare my heart if the answer was “nothing”…… That needn’t have been a concern. The answers ranged from “I’m not going to school on her birthday” to “Let’s go to China”!

That began the brainstorming(kinda difficult to do when you’re functioning on half a brain cell). When our children turn 16 Travis and I take them out to eat anywhere they choose. With the girls volleyball, Isaac’s work and Sarena’s school schedule we couldn’t make going to one of her favorite restaurants on her bday, work. We discussed multiple options and ended up with a plan G?!! I will share in pictures later.

Dezi Girl, I know that you are having the best birthday ever. We have fun things planned that you would love for your special day. In honor of you, my sweet precious daughter. We all love you and miss you so….

6 responses to “Heavenly 16th

  1. Dezi’s name is in our prayers every night as we pray for the family. May the Lord hold you all close as you celebrate Dezi’s life again today. Happy first birthday in heaven, Dezi.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I will be praying for you and the family as you celebrate….may the Presence of the Lord be so evident and real. Happy birthday Dezi!!!

  3. I can only imagine the Heavenly 16th Birthday celebration for Dezi today! Shine on sweet girl as you continue to touch so many lives.

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