Journey on(part 1)

I’d love to share my feelings over the last 3+ months but I’m just starting to feel them. I want to journal and share our journey but right now it’s stuck inside. As mama, I’m still pulled 8 ways which leaves little energy for much else. This will mostly be a picture and caption post. Dezirae’s story hasn’t all been told. The Journey isn’t over……..

Loads of puppy snuggle therapy all summer! Thanks to Forever Friend Doodles
When I’m angry……chainsaw therapy puts a smile on my face.
Dezi was helping me redo a room for her…..
…..some finishing touches🧡
I needed pool noodles for a trampoline and they only had orange(Dezirae’s favorite color)
Dezirae’s dad, oldest brother, uncles and pappy were pallbearers.

Dezi chose a conservation green burial. This means no embalming, no headstone and a hand dug grave. Her grave is back in the woods at Preble Memory Gardens it’s grave 12 west. It is beyond peaceful if you go before the mosquitoes come out!!

Petals from the sympathy flowers we received
Dezi loved Sunflowers
We have enjoyed many orange sunrises and sunsets over the past 3+ months.
The owner’s wife at ArmCorp, Travis employer, had this made and hung it on the wall of honor at there office.
These sort of things make us feel so loved!
Dezi’s cousin used the word warrior in Dezirae’s handwriting to have this tattoo done.
One month after Dezi’s funeral and I just wanted to wear her pearls but couldn’t find them.
Healing, daily reminders
First day of school 2021
Our second oldest son, Truman, has decided he isn’t interested in the work that goes into a relationship with family. Travis took him to get his permit and he’s quite pleased to have passed. Continued prayers for him please.
This bear has Dezi’s heartbeat in it💔🧡

6 responses to “Journey on(part 1)

  1. I’m so thankful for your post. I wonder how things are going for you all. ❤️❤️❤️ You remain in our hearts and our prayers. (And if you run out of pool noodles, I have four more—in orange!) 😘

  2. We will always remember ❤ Prayers for you and all Dez’s people. Her life will never stop inspiring us. 🙏🏽

  3. Our hearts go out to you and all who loved Dezirae.
    Thank you for posting, and updating. We care deeply for you!

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