Miracles and Mercy

When Dezirae was discharged from the hospital, on Wednesday, March 24th, we fully expected to bury her within the week. All the while Dezirae was strongly convicted that God wasn’t finished with her yet. I’ve learned not to question her! We prayed and prayed for peace comfort healing and a miracle.

Pippi•Mama•Auntie El

God gave us many miracles along the way! He brought people into our path, He provided resources through you(His hands and feet), He allowed her to live for almost 2 whole months!! I mean truly live! She wasn’t just alive but after Easter morning, she was able to live!!

“Bestie Sis” helping me
make a halo for Dezi girl!

We had moved the girls rooms around during this time. Dezi chose a color for her room and came upstairs a couple times to enjoy the progress, help decorate and organize her new space. She came to Hobby Lobby and chose a large wall hanging. Best of all we made memories!

Setting up

Her room is coming together now. It’s mostly therapy for mama right now. We will need to decide what to call this room eventually and what it is used for. Thankful that, because of Dezirae’s choices it is a very calm, peaceful and versatile space.


“……live and not just be alive!” Dezi drove our 4 wheeler 2 days before going to Heaven! She sat in the window seat and painted, we talked, we prayed and had no inkling that her time with us was at an end. That is a miracle!!

Thanks “favorite” uncle
for bringing these little shovels!

God gave us a HUGE miracle Easter morning! He showed us that he cares and that he was bigger then this nasty disease. On May 20 God showed us that he is also a merciful God!

Everything would have been incredibly difficult for Dezi the rest of her life. God used her story to touch more people than we imagined. He drew others close to Him through Dezirae! That is all she wanted!

It was such a beautiful day and
time spent together

Grief is so individual, and while there are stages of grief, they follow no specific order. At this moment, I feel like talking about it and being open will help me through this. I can only share my experience and have no clue what I’m doing to be honest! I have the best people in my corner and Dezi taught all of us to do hard things with Grace.

Dezirae’s grave is in the woods! It is beautiful!

The kids and I find comfort in being together. I’m setting a flexible task or goal each day to stay a bit motivated?! Personally the days seem harder instead of easier. Right now I have a colossal list of things that are years behind so I’m able to fill my time. I dread when that list dwindles.

Today marks 3 weeks without our precious Dezi girl. We are making it through one moment at a time! A million thank you’s to all of you!! We love you and wouldn’t be able to function without your prayers! GOD IS GOOD!!

8 responses to “Miracles and Mercy

  1. Can only imagine what all of you are walking through and it’s so so hard for my heart to put it in your place. So I lift you all in prayer!! And your words of praise in the midst of pain are so real and life giving. Hugs to all and thank you for sharing these precious pictures 💛

  2. I have been waiting for this post & praying for you in the process. It still feels so bittersweet 💔 Just know that we are still praying for you all & we care! Much love…Lynae
    *And thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you for sharing these precious memories. We are praying for your family to have plenty of memories to share God’s word with others.

  4. Thank you for sharing. Dezi was a gift to many people and she chose to share God in ways most of us will never have. God bless you and your family in your continuing journey.

  5. God is Good indeed! May your memories and love for your precious child overfill your heart with her always.
    👣👣 👼🏼 forever in our hearts

  6. We are praying for you daily that God will comfort you and bring you a joy and purpose in your life!

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