Dance Laugh Hope……these 3 words hang in our house. When we heard For King and Country’s song “Without You” we knew that we would turn these 3 words into Chinese Characters. The kids made them behind my back and surprised me with them!

So HOPE…..we have walked this road for 1,733 days. There have been dark times, miraculous times, tears and laughter. At times we have felt hopeless, but mostly HOPE has remained! These last couple months have been incredibly hope filled!

If you look at what we were facing and the reality of our situation you may not see Hope. However, Dezirae Christine taught us to hope in God, Jesus Christ and ultimately Heaven. This afternoon while I was resting, our sweet precious girl ran into Jesus’ arms! She never lost Hope and her reward is GREAT!!! Please continue to pray for us over the next few days, weeks, months etc.

We are all in shock! Our hearts are rejoicing for her and yet absolutely shattered! Our children are devastated…..from our oldest to little Max. He came in the bedroom and asked “where Dezi go?”. I explained that she went bye bye and was in Heaven with Jesus! He said “I want her come back” When I told him she wasn’t coming back he sobbed! This crushed us.

Dezi got her miracle! She had 8 weeks to share what God can do! We have a lifetime to share her story and the knowledge we have gained through this journey! All of this because one precious daughter of God was entrusted to us for a short time so that we could bring Glory to God!

Hope in Heaven!!

13 responses to “Hope

  1. We are so sorry for your loss. Dez definitely faught the good fight and brought glory to God.

  2. tears of sadness in missing her already;
    tears of joy because I am privileged to have known and loved her;
    tears of deepest caring for all her precious family who have become ours
    blessed to be called “Granny Melanie”

  3. Prayers for you all in the coming days. Especially as you adapt to a different lifestyle/routine. 🙏😢❤️ Dez is no longer suffering and for her that is wonderful! May Jesus wrap his arms around you all as you continue to look to him for strength and comfort.

  4. So sorry for your loss! Dez was a true warrior! Praying for each of you as you continue the journey. Praying for strength and peace in the coming days and in the future.
    Much love and many prayers! ❤

  5. So sorry for your loss! Dez was a true warrior! Praying for each of you as you continue the journey. Praying for strength and peace in the coming days and in the future.
    Much love and many prayers! ❤

  6. We are soo sorry for your loss! Prayers for you to find your comfort and strength in Him!

  7. This breaks my heart; but, I can’t even imagine what you must feel. I only knew Dezi through my sister, Melanie’s, eyes and our prayers; yet, I felt the glimpses of her ups and downs of her amazing journey.

    My life has changed just from this experience. God has used your beautiful, brave daughter to touch countless lives! Thank you so much for sharing God’s works through her ‘journey.’ I pray you receive a sense of peace amid the immense pain you must have for the loss of your precious, precious child!

    I feel a tremendous respect for you and your family because of what I saw in her that had to have been taught by the love she received. He had to have known the rewards she would receive when God placed her in your care.

    The peace of knowing she is definitely transferred to the loving arms of Jesus, where she will forever dance and continue her sweet smile, brings a sense of comfort.

  8. My heart breaks to hear this! This is a great loss for you and your family and everyone who Desi inspired. I will continue to pray for your family! My deepest condolences 🙏❤

  9. Words cannot express what we feel right now! We pray you can continue to feel the prayers of those who care and love you! This has been quite the journey for you. It is our journeys that teach us most how to rely upon our Heavenly Father. It is our journeys where we can learn most about His peace. Yes, we may cry, grieve and weep for the heart aches He allows us to go through, however, it is His peace that restores our hearts! May you feel His loving arms around you and may you crawl up in His lap and allow Him to comfort your souls!!
    We love you, Byron and Bonnie

  10. My thoughts and prayers are and will remain with you, your family and all those who knew and loved Dezi. I am a stranger, you do not know me, but I have witnessed Dezi’s journey. Dezi, you and her family are the “salt of the earth.” May your testimony give God the glory, and I know your sweet daughter is resting in Jesus’s arms.

  11. I have been following Dez and am sorry for your deep loss. There are never any words to say but listen to the memories and stories. Let this help your heart and your family as well. Love to your entire family and friends. May God give you strength during this difficult time. Josie Mayer

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