There hasn’t been enough laughter around here the last couple months. This past week has been discouraging to say the least.

They have such a special bond

Dezirae has needed to be back on oxygen, has dealt with swelling off and on and has been puny in general. Dezi still needs help transferring from her wheelchair to bed/toilet/vehicle etc. the smallest things tire her immensely. We have had an OT and PT evaluation and are waiting on insurance to approve treatment. She is excited about going so that is a blessing! We are also blessed to have an amazing therapy LLC less than 10 minutes from our house.

We are trying to find the balance between maintaining & building muscle and not burning calories. This means simple repetitive things like tossing a very light ball back and forth or brushing the dog for 1 minute without stopping.

This past week has been rough. It has felt heavy and the devil has been attacking every weakness. Yet these attacks are confirmation that God is still working!

Nothing like some Vit D and a
4-wheeler ride to lift the spirits!

Last night everyone was feeling it….this mama couldn’t take any more!! I borrowed my 10 year olds cowgirl boots and we had a kitchen dance party…..and we laughed! My dancing has that affect on people!

She’s doing something she loves and drinking!!

There were a few residual grumpies today so I asked one kiddo to make a list of 10 things they were grateful for. The response was that the word grateful made them think of grapefruit(we laughed). Here’s the list!

Praise God for the work He is doing! Hallelujahs raised that Dezirae was able to have her feeding tube replaced at home!Prayers for the missing puzzle pieces to be found in Dezirae’s health journey. John10:10

4 responses to “Laugh

  1. Philippians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I can’t imagine how much strength she needs but I know that God has an endless supply and he is always willing to supply.

  2. I see the sign Dezirae made us every day that says…CHOOSE JOY….I am so glad you got your dancing boots on a danced in the kitchen! Praying for strength for you all ❤

  3. Hi there! We just learned recently of Dezi and her fight for life! I’m not sure if you remember me from when you were little! I’m Denise’s cousin from CA. Our prayers are continually with Dezi and your family! Especially praying that The King of Kings be glorified and that he will quickly bring to you the missing pieces of Dezi’s journey to wellness❤️

  4. Dear family,
    You each are such a dear blessing to us! We grieve with you and yet with the same breath we are rejoicing with Dezi-her new found joy and freedom to be at rest and free at last completely. We are praying for you each and sending love to you. Dezi was a strong, brave warrior and now we know how a warrior does battle. God wins! -the devil loses. Dezi has battled and now I believe her spirit has won many victories for us each. Our love, the Yoders

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