4 weeks-recap

4 weeks ago, today, Dezirae had an abdominal ultrasound to determine if her liver was healthy enough to withstand Total IV nutrition. During the first part of that ultra sound we learned that she had a pericardial effusion(fluid around the heart). To give you an idea the fluid was larger than the heart on the screen and her heart was pushed to the center of her chest if not past.

Malignant fluid accumulates where tumors exist and sometimes elsewhere. Her left lung was full of fluid(that was confirmed February 1st), her right lung base had fluid collecting in it and there was fluid throughout her abdomen. She had gained at least 35 pounds of fluid causing edema from head to toe. She could only breath in a hunched position or on her left side. Neither of these positions could she get in without a great deal of assistance.

March 29th

We had a care conference with Dezirae’s oncologist and the palliative care doctor. We chose to make Dezirae a DNR(do not resuscitate) and requested to be discharged. She was on 3 Liters of oxygen and was still working to breath. Her body was rapidly shutting down. She wasn’t eating or drinking, we stopped feeds & IV fluids. Her kidneys had shut down.

Once we got home she continued to decline. She started belly breathing and holding her breath. We started out taking shifts at night. Those shifts turned from one on one to two on one. If we did get her out of bed it took 3 of us! She rarely spoke.

She declined for 10 days!! She couldn’t hold her head up or clear her airway. She was no longer able to move her legs. And yet you could feel the fight for Gods Glory while in her presence! Strangers, acquaintances, prayer warriors and her siblings felt convicted of her healing!! They prayed, laid hands on her. Fought for all of us when we were too tired!! One week after coming home I felt God working! On the 10th day I thought her body was waking up.

Right at midnight on Easter morning her body started waking up! Every day she has made progress. This week we took a drive, she has transferred into her wheelchair all by herself and we are back to using the toilet!!! She is currently on 1.5 Liters of oxygen, taking 1-3 hour breaks from it altogether. She has tons of work to do to return to her baseline. For the last 3 months we have prepared for Heaven but prayed for a miracle!

God chose a miracle!! The doctors are shocked and amazed! 2 have called it miraculous! We are humbled and overwhelmed! Thank you for every prayer and every single way you have came alongside of us! To God be all the Glory!!!

Please continue to pray for strength and wisdom in the next steps! For all of those supporting us in caring for Dez and our other kids as this will be a long road.

12 responses to “4 weeks-recap

  1. Praying for strength and endurance! Lifting all the family up in prayers! Giving God Glory for these miracles going on.💝

  2. So glad you all got your miracle! All of our prayers were answered! God’s almighty power of healing ALWAYS prevails to his faithful true servants. Dezi is one of his TRUEST AND STRONGEST WARRIORS! Keep the faith our Lord and Savior heals ALL

  3. So excited that Dezi is doing better!! Such a special day for God to show us all that he still does miracles. I am excited to see her continued progress and pray that she be completely healed!! What a testimony!!

  4. What a fantastic God we serve! Dezi, you are such a wonderful testimony for so many. We’ll continue to pray for your daily progress and a complete healing! Thanks for being such an inspiration to others! 💪❤️😀🏃‍♀️

  5. This brings me to tears! What an awesome privilege that God in His great glory, chose to use a miracle on Dezirae! He truly has a purpose for her life!!!
    Mal 4:2  But for you that honor my name, victory will shine like the sun with healing in its rays, and you will jump around like calves at play.
    We pray for you daily!!!

  6. This could not make me happier!! God def has amazing things for her! All praise to Jesus! We love you 💛

  7. What a beautiful picture of Dezi!!! Thank you for taking time to keep us updated. PRAISE GOD!!!

  8. Thank you Lord for this miracle.and wonderful story allowing us to share your glory! I appreciate the update. I cant imagine everything that your family had been through emotionally and physically! Continually praying for peace, strength and healing! Amen!!

  9. What a blessing. She has been quite the fighter. We continue to pray for your family.

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