Last weekend Dezirae basically slept for 4 days straight. Her entire body was swollen and she wasn’t able to tolerate more than 2 ounces through her NG(feeding tube) at a time.

Monday we learned that her liver enzymes were sky high!! We have done liver detox/cleanses all week along with diet. Our sweet warrior girl has been awake and out of bed a little more each day. Her swelling is slowly dissipating, her appetite has improved and she is tolerating juice through her NG at 4 oz an hour!!

Please praise God with us over all of the victories we have had this week!!

5 responses to “GLORY to GOD!!!

  1. Hallelujah! That is God’s miracle! I pray for a miracle everyday for Dezirae and your family! God give this precious angel strength to overcome this illness! Glory to God in the highest! Praying continuously! God bless your amazing daughter!

  2. Even though we don’t know you, Dezirae, we love you and are praying for you.
    Larry and Melinda Filbrun

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