Reflection & Request

Back in August when we learned that the cancer had spread and seemed more aggressive we started making plans to create a peaceful space for Dezi to rest and that was inviting for loved ones. Family made those plans quickly come to life!

We were blessed to not really need this space until this last month! Dezi didn’t know at the time why we were working on the master suite…..she does now 😉

The last 18 days have been hard, they have been good, they have been productive and memories have been made. We have grown together as a family. There is much we want to share but I’m so tired I can’t put the words together. We have cried to the point of dehydration! We have done hard things and it has been good!

We have been blessed in so many ways! Our freezers are overflowing with food, Dezirae received a surprise blade for her prosthetic, donations received so that Dezirae’s needs can be met without any financial burden, friends have helped put flooring down, cleaned our house, helped with kids, sat with us, gave Dezi massages and the list goes on and on!!

We have on immediate need! PRAYER!!! Dezirae feels like she is under direct attack from the devil. I have never seen such torment! He is attacking from every angle. Please cry out to God on her behalf! We are praying for a miracle in which God can be glorified! Please come alongside us and pray for a miracle! We know death is not defeat and are not afraid of it. Dezirae looks forward to heaven and yet in true Dezi fashion, she hasn’t thought of herself and only cares about God!

13 responses to “Reflection & Request

  1. Like you, I find it hard to put all my thoughts and “feels” into defining words. I (oh, you know I mean “we”) have come ti love each of you in a magnitude never really considered. My only regret is in not being able to do, give, share more.
    You each reveal a unique aspect of God as you’ve made your way in this journey. God bless you for the gift of letting me walk some of it with you.💗

  2. We pray nightly for Dezirae and your family. May this attack that Dezirae is feeling be stopped and turned around to blessings.

  3. We will do as you ask! Lifting all our thoughts to God above and crying out for the devil to have no space or control over anything in your family or your sweet daughter’s life.❤️

  4. Oh my heart hurts for you all. Praying for Satan to get out and let God be glorified in all her days!!! Sending love from PA

  5. Praying for your family that God wraps His loving arms around you and holds on tight. Love your beautiful family

  6. God, please be not only with Dezi, but with her whole family. Please continue to her strength to fight. Give her strength to push forward and defeat this ugliness that surrounds her.
    In God’s name we pray—

  7. Praying for you, Dezi, that the peace of God that is beyond our understanding will flood your heart and your home.

  8. Lord, we come to You on behalf of this sweet sister in You our Christ. We know that You have plans for her, plans for a future to prosper and not to harm her. We trust You completely in all of this. You are her creator, You knitted her inner mist parts together before she was ever born. You say that You are her Strong Tower in her time of need. You say that when she is weakest that is when You are seen strongest. So we have no need to doubt our fear for her future, for it is in Your capable, loving care. More than anything we want You to get glory and honor and high praise for whatever and wherever You bring her. We ask for hope, peace, comfort and direction. Thank You for being her trustworthy God, her ever present companion, her protector, provides, redeemer, shepherd and friend. You are more than enough! We pray in Your healing and magnificent Name. The Name above heaven and earth, Jesus! Amen

  9. Praying for your beautiful family. You are so strong and such a blessing. You truly show us how to unconditionally glorify God. Thank you. I will be praying for a miracle and against the attack Dezi is feeling. May today be a peaceful day in the Lord.

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