Cry Pretty

There have been some changes around our house since my last post. Dezirae stopped taking her anti cancer medication on thanksgiving day. She was fatigued to the point of barely being able to get out of bed, as well as it causing GI upset. She tried 2 different doses and simply couldn’t tolerate either and still maintain quality of life.

We feel peace about this. She continues to follow a strict diet, take supplements and Cannabis. We were delighted when we found the Rick Simpson Oil(RSO) that has the highest bioavailability for treating cancer. We drove 2 hours and loved the dispensary as well as their staff immediately! It was an overwhelming relief in many ways.

Yesterday I placed Dezirae’s order online and headed off on the 2 hour journey to pick up her RSO. Not only is the RSO the beat for her but we were also able to buy enough mg per day. In route I received a phone call that it didn’t go through. I assured them I would be there and didn’t think much more if it. We arrived, I checked in, was taken back and placed my order. It wasn’t long before a woman approached me and informed me that Ohio had just changed the classification for RSO from oral to an inhalant. Inhalants can not be purchased for minors!! I DO NOT CRY PRETTY!! That was the first of 3 times I ugly cried in 1 hour!! 2 of them were in public and the third in the van with my kids.

I rarely cry……I don’t cry in public and I DO NOT cry in front of my kids! I am not proud that I don’t cry, it just doesn’t come easy to me. Enough about me!

What does this mean for Dezirae???? Well first the tincture that we can get for her is less affective on cancer, she feels the very best when she is taking the RSO, and most frustrating is the fact that I am only able to purchase 1/3 of the dose that she needs. The state governs how much per day you can have. With the RSO I could buy almost double what she needed per day. When I left the dispensary Wednesday I had bought Dezirae’s allotment for 35 days but in reality it is only enough to last her 11 days!!!

Please pray that the state will change this! Pray for those battling ALL sickness and their caregivers. Pray for strength & PEACE and protection from the devil.

2 responses to “Cry Pretty

  1. Oooo…my heart just hurts when I read this 😢 It seems so unfair. Praying mightily for you all..thanks for the update ❤

  2. Oh, sweet Denee…I cannot even begin to imagine what Dezirae and all of your dear family has endured over the last few years. We know God is in control, yet, still we, as humans, automatically wonder why?. It does seem so unfair. Our prayers go up for you all and may God bless you and take care of your every need. Love you, Sandy

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