Update 9/26

Long story short, after all of our appointments…..Dezirae will be starting an anti-cancer medication as soon as insurance approves it(scheduled for Tuesday). It is one pill a day and approximately 45% of osteosarcoma patients have no to slow growth for six months on this medicine.

She is also working her way to a cancer treatment dosage of cannabis. She has chosen to be open about this. There is a great documentary on Netflix called “Weed the People” I hope to document our journey with this in more detail.

We told our children that the doctors have said they can’t fix Dezirae’s cancer and we are doing everything we know to do to help her and praying for a miracle. 🤗

Praising God that our HOPE is in HEAVEN! God WILL HEAL our beautiful girl!

3 responses to “Update 9/26

  1. We are praying for a miracle, we are praying for strength and continued endurance. Thankyou for your updates and for letting people pray during this health journey. Love and hugs to all of you.❤️

  2. Thy will be done not mine!! My God be with you as you continue this journey….Love and Prayers Richard and Kathy

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