July 19, 2020

Dezirae had a follow up chest X-ray on Friday and there is no pneumothorax! Thank you Lord for keeping Dezirae’s lung inflated. She does have a moderate amount of fluid on that lung which is to be expected and should resolve over the next few months. Her routine chest CT is July 31.

It was a marathon week and left this crew wiped out. So a lazy weekend was in order. Dezirae last for a 5 day mission trip this morning. She knows the risks and possible consequences and felt she still needed to go for her friend Madison. A little over a year ago, while Dezirae was on this mission trip, Madison gained her angel wings. They had a connection no two children should ever have to have. 2 courageous girls fighting through pain and all sorts of obstacles because of Osteosarcoma. Madison we love you and miss you every day!

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