7/2/2020 2:30pm

I would love to have an update for you as many have asked….. Dezirae’s lung has shown no improvement.

We give all GLORY to God that she is not in any pain! The valve that she needs has been ordered and we are just waiting for it to arrive at UC. She will have the valve placed tomorrow morning if it has arrived. If it isn’t here by tomorrow morning, we will sit and wait at Children’s and have it placed at UC on Monday morning!

Please pray for no more delays!

3 responses to “7/2/2020 2:30pm

  1. Thankful she’s not in pain. You as well must be so very exhausted! Continued prayers! Praying for your family at home as well. ❤️

  2. Praying for no more delays and favor of God in expedited delivery of the valve and peace to the entire family. Thanking Him for no pain and continued protection of Dezi.

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