Dezirae’s lung is quite a bit worse today. We now have a thoracic surgeon, pulmonologist and another hospital involved. We are waiting to hear from the lung doctors at UC to see if and when Dez is a candidate for a procedure to help her lung heal.

The procedure that she needs isn’t done at Children’s……

4 responses to “6/30/2020

  1. Ok, not the news we would choose but it sounds like the Drs have a plan. Our prayers are first and foremost for complete healing for Dezi. We trust it in God’s hands. We are praying for the Drs, for the procedure to be successful, for Dezi’s pain level to stay low, all of your spirits to be uplifted and for you to feel the love of Jesus surrounding you and the prayers and love of your friends right there with you!! You are all so loved!! Steve and Lynette

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