A Series of Events?!?!

It was a rather pleasant morning. Little guy slept in a bit then woke up happy. The kiddos seemed more content than sometimes of late. I gathered some things to make my day more productive. I gave hugs and kisses and headed out with two kiddos for appointments.

Max loves giving Dezi her Juice

Our van has been in the shop for 3 weeks. Sarena’s vehicle is usually my back up but it went a way to get a new windshield, so this morning I was driving the old truck. Not my favorite, mostly because I drove it during Dezirae’s chemo treatments and it triggers not so pleasant memories. A few miles down the road I got pulled over?!…..no tail lights!

We arrive at children’s, try to register one kiddo for labs(No orders). Oh well, okay, I need to register Dez for X-ray…..DONE! On up to surgery clinic for our post op visit. I hear the surgeon arrive and talking, although I can’t make out words, I hear her groan. My heart sank…. When she saw her only other patient first, it confirmed my gut feeling that the groan was for us.

No words to describe how important my mom 💛has been in this journey 🧡

It didn’t take long before these suspicions were confirmed. I might add, we absolutely love our surgeon!

“Well I have good news and bad news which do you want first?”

“Go ahead and give us the bad”….

NEWS: approximately 1/3 of Dezirae’s left lung collapsed(Bad News) Large clean margins on all of the tumors(Good News). 100% of all the tumors were alive and much more aggressive than any she has had in the past(Worst News)

Long somewhat comical story, SHORT….Dezirae was admitted to Children’s went into surgery to have a chest tube placed at 2:45 this afternoon. We had a bit of a party in the PACU waiting on a room. When the floor finally called us with a room number, we actually belly laughed! You’ll be in room 13. Funny thing is most of the units don’t have a room 13!! No we aren’t superstitious but this definitely seemed fitting for the day we were having!


Wait there is a silver lining in our cloudy day. Our favorite nurse admitted us to room 13! Mama may have teared up a bit and thanked God! Dezirae is talking again! She is drinking and hungry! We didn’t realize anything was even wrong, just thought she was tired. So grateful that the surgeon saw us today instead of next week just so we didn’t have to drive so far.

Thank you to those who have helped with kiddos, animals and meals the last couple weeks….we couldn’t do this without you all!

4 responses to “A Series of Events?!?!

  1. Thank you for taking the time to update. What a journey this has been. Praying for peaceful rest throughout the night.

  2. Continued prayers for beautiful Dezi. My sister, Melanie, always keeps my daughter and I updated for our prayers. Still thanking God for His faithfulness and also for His promise of healing! Our church has her added to our prayer chain as well.💕

  3. Wow! That report has nearly every emotion possible wrapped right up in it!! It certainly calls for prayers of both thanksgiving and please help Lord!! We will continue in both!!
    I will check to see if more days have been added to the meal train!! Would be glad to help!
    Steve and Lynette

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