9am 6/15/2020

Everything has went smoothly this morning. Dezirae and I were both quite tired this morning but we actually arrived a few minutes before 6! COVID test was negative, her IV went in with one stick(thankful for VAT team and ultrasound) and back to the OR right at 7:30. First incision at 9 am.

She dyed this shirt last night. It turned out

I have received tons of texts and prayers! They are working!! I was actually able to dose off for a bit!

10 responses to “9am 6/15/2020

  1. Wonderful!! We want you to feel the love from all of us that are with you in spirit and praying for Dezi and all involved in her care!! Continued prayers!!
    Steve and Lynette

  2. Praise Jesus! So glad to hear that things went smoothly! Praying always for Dezirae, you and your beautiful family! πŸ™β€

  3. We pray Gods blessing surrounds all of you and that you continue to to feel His love and strength and healing! We love you!
    Gail Denlinger

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