Extra Special Prayer Request

Dezi and I scurried around this morning packing up the rest of our things and headed off to the hospital. About half an hour into our journey her surgeon called and informed us that the other surgeon who was scheduled to assist in Dezi’s surgery was doing a heart transplant right now! Our surgery is cancelled. Punch in the gut, especially after the week we have had…..

It took about a minute and we chose to pray for the family who lost a child and the family whose baby is so sick they need a transplant. Please join us in praying for these families and surgical teams.

Prayer is powerful! Just 2 days ago God led a woman to Nathan, an autistic boy who had missing from the ranch where Truman was, he had been missing for 9 days in the woods! He was alive! Only God works miracles like that! We love you all and will keep you updated.

3 responses to “Extra Special Prayer Request

  1. We will pray for the families and Drs!! Praising God for Nathan being found! Continued prayers for him as well!!
    What a beautiful picture of Dezi! What a beautiful picture of Christ we see in the way you are choosing to deal with today’s change of plans!! Steve and Lynette

  2. We will continue to pray for Dezi and and her awaiting surgery. We are also praying for Truman. What a testimony you are Denai. Thank-you for how you witness to your children, church family, co-workers, and those at the hospital. No wonder Dezi is the powerful witness that she is. She has wonderful role models as parents ❤. God Bless you both! Love you

  3. I agree with Clara Jo, prayers for the transplant families, for Dezi’s rescheduled surgery, and for Truman! Your family is definietly a huge testimony to us all! God bless you all!

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