We are weary, so this will be short. Dezirae had scans about 2 weeks ago. It took an entire 8 days to have definitive results. We had a preliminary result after a couple days.

We praise God for the partial healing of the damaged part of Dezirae’s lung! That was an unexpected surprise! Glory be to our creator for also protecting Dezirae’s right lung-NO GROWTH!

Now the screeching brakes, or is it squealing tires?! I’m not sure….. Stopped in our tracks but scrambling to buckle down and refocus our energy fully on healing and fighting this NASTY disease. There appears to be a tumor(previously believed to be scar tissue) that has increased in size by 40% in 6 weeks.

The plan is to rescan the first week of June. POSSIBLE surgery within the first 2 weeks of June. What a BLESSED time this quarantine has been for us overall. We love and appreciate each of you!

Psalm 91

4 responses to “5/15/2020

  1. Will continue to pray that this new growth will slow down or even better that our God who heals, will take it away and remove it completely from her body. I pray this in Jesus’ Name.

  2. Love! Prayers! Shared tears! Prayers! Thankfulness! Prayers! What?!! Prayers! Trust! Prayers! Happiness together! Prayers! Working together! Family is a blessing! Prayers! A parent’s love! Prayers! This all tumbled through me as I read your post. I love you!! We love you!! We pray for you all and will continue!!! Steve and Lynette

  3. Larry and I are keeping you in our prayers continually! We love you all! Your church family has always got you in our thoughts and prayers!

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