We have been blessed to tackle multiple projects during this home together time!

Shortcake the whole family could eat!
Our Hen Shed……to be continued
Bedtime stories……sleepy boy
So I’ve seen these cute hand pictures from quarantine, well our hands don’t fit in a tidy little stack 😉

Our sudden change to routine took some adjustment but has overall been a BLESSED time of reconnecting.

Truman is doing well at the ranch and is happy to be there. Please continue to pray for his and our healing.

We are, once again, days into waiting for definitive results from Dezirae’s latest scans.

We love each of you and could never do this without your support!

3 responses to “5/8/2020

  1. Continue to keep you & your family in our prayers.
    Thankful you are enjoying this time together & that Truman is doing well.

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