Home Sweet Home

Dezirae came home 11 days ago and is doing well. She tires easily and still has pain if she over does it. Both are to be expected. The recovery from this type of surgery is long so nothing concerning.

Pathology came back and we are pleased! Only the 2 larger tumors were cancer. We can not stop praising God for this wonderful news!!! It is unclear if they were able to remove the largest tumor 100% so we will follow it closely with scans.

It has been a little over 6 weeks since Truman moved to the therapeutic boarding school. He is doing well. Time will tell of his progress. Our home is much different now. Our children are healing emotionally. We are healing as well. There were drastic changes within the first week that surprised us. With emotional healing comes BIG emotions of all kinds. Please pray with us for wisdom, strength and patience!

I’m not sure that a prayer is said at our home that all of you aren’t mentioned in! We love each of you and wouldn’t have been able to walk this journey without your faithfulness to God!

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