Surgery Day #18

The last few days have been spent speaking the name of Jesus anytime dear starts to creep in. Yesterday we set out for Cincy….Dezirae, B(the young man I babysit) and Max. It was a loooooonnnnng DAY!!

My little juice helper!

We started with PT. Dezirae is doing great! We need to work on building up her ability to wear her leg for longer periods. After PT we went on down to the main hospital to have an IV placed and receive an injection. That took about 4 hours. The kids were troopers and I didn’t leave in handcuffs so we will call it a win!!

Dezirae went back to surgery a few minutes before 11:30. It is scheduled for 4-5 hours although the surgeon isn’t sure she will be finished in that amount of time. The goal is to remove each tumor with as little lung as possible. The largest tumor is deep in the middle of her lung and may require a lobectomy.

6 responses to “Surgery Day #18

  1. Praying that our great Physician will guide the surgeon’s hands/instruments to do a perfect surgery and disturb as little as possible. Prayers for Dezirae’s healing and strong faith through her journey.

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