Camp, College and Cancer

We took Truman to his new school/boys CAMP on January 2nd. He is settling in well. Please check back here for updates. By posting updates here, it gives us time to focus on healing in our home rather than trying to answer or decline answering questions regarding his journey. I pray one day he will have the strength to share his story.

January 5th we took Sarena back to COLLEGE and moved Isaac in for the first time! It’s an odd phase of parenting! Setting boundaries, letting go and showing live in different ways than in the past. Now to learn how to prepare meals for 3 less adult eaters!!

Dezirae will have surgery January 30th to remove all signs of cancer from her left lung. We expect to be in the hospital about 4 days.

Typing a school paper and doing RIFE

We have been blessed repeatedly by gifts, gas cards, Kroger cards….monetary donations etc. this is just in the last few weeks! These acts of kindness help us in more than the material ways you may think! Without all of this we wouldn’t be able to afford Dezirae’s grocery bill. Nor would I be able to stay home so that I have the time to make juice for her!

We Thank God for each of you! We Praise and Glorify, you Father, for the healing you are orchestrating in our family!

One response to “Camp, College and Cancer

  1. Denee we do so respect the difficult decisions you all have made. The love that goes into them is obvious! Love love the pic if Travis, Truman and you. Steve is hoping for sure it was taken at his new boarding school since there are 2 guitars leaning against the wall!! He thinks that is quite wonderful!! I got a chuckle at the dog that was reclined behind you all!! Our prayers are with Truman!
    How special to see Isaac settling in at college!! It doesn’t seem possible!! It was nice if Felicity and Evalina to help him settle in!!☺️
    Sooooo thankful Dezi can do her treatments at home!! During schoolwork no less!! 🤗
    Our love and prayers are with you as you adjust to the changes! Steve and Lynette

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