A Tribute to Dezirae’s “Peaceful Warrior”

3 years ago Dezirae brought Damon home. He was born in a litter of 5 puppies named after the 5 shortest pro basketball players of all time! Much thought, fun and love goes into naming the 4 Paws litters.

We had been contacted by the CEO and founder of 4 Paws for Ability, just 2 days after Dezirae’s diagnoses, about a service dog for Dezirae. To say we were overwhelmed with gratitude would be an understatement.

You may remember that Damon came to visit Dezirae during her first chemo admission and the day he came home with us Dezirae’s hair fell out. They were quickly dubbed the dynamic duo.

I agreed not to change his name, however his girl couldn’t bring herself to call him Damon. It sounded too much like demon to her. She was facing enough demons and needed a powerful, yet peaceful name. Ollie has different meanings in different languages…..peace, elf army were the ones that stood out to Dezirae.

For the next year Ollie lived at the hospital…..quietly fighting this nasty disease alongside Dezirae. They were inseparable. He would alert to certain medications, sit on her chest when he sensed she was afraid and guard her from our sweet nurse Kelly!

It was like he had waited his whole life for hospital life! Anytime he was separated from Dezirae he would only be distracted by girls. He didn’t have the time of day for the doctors who fell unashamedly head over heals for him! They were truly a match made in heaven. Ollie ended up being a huge help for the staff and other kids also. He was a favorite with everyone!

After that first year we spent more time at home, Dezirae’s mobility declined, pain set in and surgeries replaced chemo admissions. He wasn’t able to stay after her surgeries. While at home Ollie was overwhelmed by such a big space and needed to be on a leash.

Over the last year and a half it has became nearly impossible for Dezirae to walk or be able to hold a leash and try to have Ollie with her. Their bond was tested and he was no longer being challenged in the way he needs to be, so that he feels fulfilled!

We had to put our own feelings aside and make a very difficult decision about what we felt was best for Ollie. Yesterday we solemnly drove to 4 paws and entrusted this sweet angel, who filled a place no human could ever fill, back to their care so that they could find a retirement home for him.

Dezirae and I kept it together until we walked out….many tears have been shed during this whole process. More for Ollie than ourselves ;(

We will forever be grateful to Karen and 4 Paws for the blessing of Damon “Ollie”.

To Ollie…..we pray that you will find the perfect home, full of snuggles and treats. Maybe they will have steps to run up and down or some nice windows to look out! We sure do hope you have some girls in your life too.

You will furever have a special place in our hearts!

One response to “A Tribute to Dezirae’s “Peaceful Warrior”

  1. That is sad…God has bigger plans for you ,to fill your heart again…Keep working hard to beat the odds.Love you and your family. Gods blessings.

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