It’s the First Day(written 8/21/19)

Today was the first day of year 4 fighting this battle alongside the most Graceful Warrior I’ve ever known!!

Yesterday was tough. I wanted to post but didn’t know how. Sure I could focus on the Good that has come from this journey….that paints a very inaccurate picture of where we are right now!

Then there is the despairing truth. That is no good for anyone unless, of course, you have more eloquent words than I can muster.

So yesterday came and went. Tears were shed, Joy was remembered(I pray we’ll be able to feel it again) and heads were shook in disbelief that 3 years have passed since that dreadful day that shattered our lives.

I want to share, to be honest, to help you feel what we have. The love, the pain, how it’s grown our Trust in God. Alas we are left so utterly exhausted and wary that we simply can not find the words.

8/30 – On a happier note…Dezirae is healing wonderfully. She has more energy each day. Her sense of humor is almost more than we can handle! After much deliberation, Dezirae names her “little leg”, Butch(short for butcher)! Then there are the poses she strikes.

The other day we were parked for an appointment. I brought her wheelchair around and found her like this(this is a re-enactment). Serious as a heart attack she says, “Do you think I qualify as handicap?”

Of course I am in stitches, wondering who might be watching!

I’ll update in a couple weeks after scans. All glory to God! May you find some time to Dance, Laugh and Hope

4 responses to “It’s the First Day(written 8/21/19)

  1. O Dez! So thankful for her humor to help lighten your days! Thanks for sharing these pictures ❤

  2. Ooooooh my! Oh my! Oh my! I am intermittently crying so intensely and laughing so hard…
    Right this moment I am laughing and loving Dezi’s hysterically delightful sense of humor!! It is a privilege to meet Butch and his immense talent with poses!! Oooohhhhh my sides are hurting!! 😂🤗
    It is also a privilege to be a part of this journey with you as a prayer warrior, friend and fellow followers of Jesus Christ.
    Steve and I are continuing with you…praying and loving you all!!
    Steve and Lynette

  3. We can only love you more, if that is possible! Many prayers will always surround you sweet, brave, caring, lovely, lifter of hearts, Dezirae!

  4. I worked at the hospital with Diane Singley and have kept up with your journey through her. Was wondering how she was doing. You all have and will continue to be in my prayers. God be with you and bless you. Joann Kunkleman

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