Good Morning! We had a peaceful night! Dezirae’s pain is well controlled! Lord we praise you for that! Her sense of humor is intact as is her sweetness!

We we’re completely exhausted last night thus the short DONE after surgery!

Ortho was fast and pleased with how everything went yesterday. They feel like they got Her knee alignment as close as possible.

During the vascular reconstruction her artery clotted off, heparin was started to prevent clotting, she then bled(loosing a significant amount of blood). In the end they had to reconstruct the artery three times. The plastics/neurovascular surgeon’s shoes were blood splattered when she came to talk to us yesterday. She will be on clears until the 24 hour mark Incase she needs to go back into surgery emergently.

All the prayers were heard and answered yesterday!! We just got her comfy and she’s resting. Love to you all!

One response to “8/2/19

  1. Praying that you can get some rest while she is resting. Praying for continued healing and peace and wisdom. Also feel the love and hugs.💗

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