“Doing Nothing…”

Awhile back at a doctors appointment, the doctor said something to the affect of being happy with Dezirae’s scans and how now “we’re doing nothing”.

Our “doing nothing” has been tweaked and evolved to beat help Dezirae and still fit our life. So without further a-due, here is what doing nothing looks like!

Special Wish Airshow Preview Day

Every other day juice is made. Currently I make green juice-it contains any or all of the following, Granny Smith apples, broccoli, chard, ginger, lemon, celery, kale, green pepper, cucumbers, zucchini(we hope to try watermelon rind as well)!

Then the main juice follows…15# carrots 1-3 beets, lemon, 1-2 Granny Smith apple(s), ginger root, broccoli or sweet pepper, greens, cucumber. Then the clean up takes a good 15-20 minutes! From the start of washing veggies to cleaned up takes over an hour! The great thing is hat we can all work at it together and our compost pile is huge!

He just realized I was holding someone else!

Once the juice is finished then the task of trying to remember it every 60-90 minutes all day everyday!

A couple months ago we purchased an Infrered Amethyst biomat for Dezirae to sleep on! This has multiple benefits including: reducing stress & fatigue, eliminating toxins, improving immune system function, reducing inflammation, relieves anxiety, and more!

No Words! Blessed!

She sleeps with the negative ions on and her goal is to spend 1-2 hours a day with the heat cranked on it in order to raise her core temperature and help her sweat toxins out.

She takes supplements 3 times a day, CBD oil once and Vit C with every juice. She takes multi vitamins and minerals, curcumin, Boswellia, Vit D…..

What takes the most time, is running Dezirae to her Rife sessions. Rife is a light and sound wave frequency therapy that targets unhealthy cells. That being said…..drum roll…….God has moved in a colossal way on our behalf!!

A member of our church reached out about purchasing a Rife unit for Dezirae so she and I wouldn’t have to do so much running and be gone so much. She will also be able to do these sessions 5 times a week instead of the 2-3 a week that I was able to take her for!

God knows our needs even if it is only a lofty dream that we haven’t even dreamed of asking for! He loves us ALL the time!

Quick Dezi update! We have bloodwork and possibly scans the week before surgery. She was anointed last weekend. Dezirae was blessed to go on a mission trip with the church sr high group a couple weeks ago. She loved every bit of it and our whole family was blessed to get to see her experience a “normal” activity!! As soon as she arrived home I could see a drastic change in her leg.

Her pain, while she doesn’t complain about it, is debilitating. We saw her surgeon and essentially her leg is shot! No more PT or walking for her between now and surgery! Her lack of muscles(they were removed with the original tumor) has caused damage.

We have started to pack for the hospital, plan for the other kids, gifts for them to open each day we are gone, etc. We will not be able to have visitors at the hospital, but would love to see you on FaceTime or WhatsApp!

There are so many thanks that need to be made, but where do we start and there is my fear to mention any names because I don’t want to leave someone out!

We have received in the $1,000’s in gas cards from a group at church! Other individuals paid for the Rife unit, every week or so we receive a Walmart gift card from a mystery donor! With the increase in our grocery bill and my lack of work we have relied solely on donations to make our house payment….every month it is covered(I’m not sure why I ever stress over it!!). THANK YOU!!!

Countless hours have gone into preparing and bringing meals to our family over the last 3 years! Kroger gift cards(4 Dezirae’s juice & food), restaurant gift cards(that we have used for date nights, days of appointments etc.) I am positive that millions of prayers, words of encouragement, cards, etc have been sent! GRACIOUS!!

Our parents for helping with the kids when we can’t be there!!!! We never would have made it this far without your unending willingness to put your lives aside and keep us afloat! My bestie for always knowing what I need when I don’t even know! 2 amazing friends who have let your girls be all in friends for Dezirae, come to appointments etc. their crowns and yours will be heavy with jewels! MERCI

Please Continue to pray for all of the families going through this journey! The ones we have met and became instant family…..our hearts break and ache everyday for Madison, Jackson, Lexi, RaeLynn, Ezra and many more families who have had to release there children to heaven. Lord the pain we feel for their families and that I feel as a mama, not knowing how to comfort Dezirae as she loses another friend! Pray for strength and HOPE for those still fighting! And even the families whose child has survived…..they will never be the same!

Both PA Great Grandmas came to visit!!

From our family to ALL of yours….We LOVE you! When we have words we pray and sometimes we simply weep because we can’t find words! Countless times I’ve cried God please help them please help us!

Join us in Praising God for his faithfulness, His healing and Mercy on our brokenness!

She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

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